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Thank you for visiting Prestige Host.

I’m Charlie, and Prestige Host is my Scottish web design and hosting company providing low-cost website services for small businesses in the UK. I design websites for businesses, just like yours, which I then host, maintain, and provide on-going support. My clients come from a wide variety of business sectors with many having been with me from the early days. If you would like a website for your business but concerned that you would not be able to afford one, then let me introduce my latest website product- a low-cost website for small business owners, on a tight budget, wanting to get online fast.

Introducing Pāges

your Really Easy website

Pāges is a low-cost website solution for small, or start-up businesses on a tight budget. Pāges enables you to choose a professionally designed website. Once activated for you, you simply visit your website and personalise your content.

Choose one of these themes and go, or modify it, or create your own.

It's Easy!

If you can click a mouse, or tap a screen, then you can use Pāges. In no time, you will have a professional online presence for only £7.99 per month.

Check out these Great Features

Pāges has too many great features to list here. But check out some of the main ones by clicking on each orange hotspot in the image below.

No Commitment - Cancel anytime

Friendly help and free advice is always on hand. If you decide that Pāges is not for you, then you can cancel at anytime and unused months will be credited back to you, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

A Quick Look Behind the Scenes

I can’t thank you enough for my website, it’s been a marvelous success and a terrific source of new business.

Sign up - Get Pāges - only £7.99

Professional Website

Designed to give you a professional shop window for your business.

Domain Help

Buy a domain for less than £8. [read more]


Fast, reliable UK hosting to serve your website.
A free SSL certificate is included.

Content Editor

Easily edit text and images with a simple click to personalise your website as you wish.


Your website is optimised to improve your chances of ranking well in searches.

Personal Support

Friendly, knowledgeable, personal support.
No call centres to frustrate you.

Thank you Prestige Host! Without your assistance I’d still be thinking about getting a website but now I have one. I've had so many compliments. My website is fun, colourful and exactly what I was hoping for. Highly recommend.

domain Help

All websites need a domain (website address).

I can show you where to buy your own domain for less than £8 per year.
I can help you choose a good domain name and provide an simple, visual, step-by-step guide to completing your purchase.

Should you already own a domain that you wish to assign to your Pāges website, then I can help you do that too.

It was extremely important that my website portrayed my passion for cats and it was easy to navigate through. Charlie worked really hard to achieve the look and feel of how I wanted the site to be. I have already recommended Prestige Host and will continue to, as it's a great service Charlie provides. One happy customer.

Why You Need a website

Websites play a vital role in establishing credibilty and trust.

If you rely solely on Facebook, flyers, and word-of-mouth to promote your business then you are limiting your potential. Google is the place where most people seek out the services they need. That’s where you should be!

Effective marketing is about engagement. If your website is engaging, and your story compelling, then people will contact you – and you are half way to winning new business.

Prestige Host offers a proven service with superb custom website design, reliable hosting, excellent personal support, at low prices.
Don’t let this special offer slip away.

how many pages Can I Have?

Answer: As many as you wish.

Pāges is a flexible, multi-page website for your business. A great choice whether you offer a single service, or multiple service options.

The standard Pāges installation comes with a Home page, About page, up to 5 x Product or Service pages, Gallery, Reviews, Pricelists. Add as many extra services or features as you wish.

For more complex needs such as a portfolio or blog, Prestige Host can add these ready to edit.
Please ask for a personal quote based on your particular needs.

Pāge One - Only £4.99

A Single Page Option

Pāges can also be supplied as a single-page option called Pāge One.

A great choice if you offer a simple, single service. Packed full of premium features, Pāge One is terrific value at only £4.99 per month.

You can view the standard Pāge One website. Use as it comes, or modify as you wish.

I gave Prestige Host a short brief of what I was looking for in a website. He more than fulfilled the criteria - I LOVE it. Easy to use, nice to look at and a great asset to my business.

Want something extra special

Premium Service Clients

Should you wish to discuss having a unique Prestige Host website designed for your business, then get in touch. I will be happy to explain my Premium Service design options and provide a quote that won’t break the bank.

My Service

I know that you have a 101 other things on your mind. You might feel that organising your website is too much hassle and decide to put it off until sometime when you are less busy. If you don’t do it now, you will always find a reason to kick it down the road.

Let Prestige Host take care of the website side of business. I will look after everything so you don’t have to.

A domain name for your business

A new domain name is included for the first year. If you have a domain name then that's fine; I can use that.

Beautiful design

Simply click and change the dummy content supplied to finish your website.

Business email address - free option

An email address option is included should you wish one.

Personal support

Enjoy friendly, one-to-one support. No call centres to frustrate you.

Get Pāges for only

per month

billed £47.94 every 6 months

Cancel anytime

Bonus month FREE at the end of your first 6 months.

Our family-run cleaning company has used Charlie for over 10 years. This latest website matches our new branding perfectly.


A web designer from Scotland. Prestige Host has been providing web design, hosting and support  to small and medium-sized businesses in the UK for over 10 years.

The standard Pāges service will be invoiced in advance at £47.94 every six months; equivalent to £7.99 per month.

Pāge One will be invoiced in advance at £29.94 every six months; equivalent to £4.99 per month.

Email Option:
Each email account will be invoiced in advance at £11.94 every six months; equivalent to £1.99 per month.

In the event that you cancel, any unused full months will be refunded.

Your bonus month will be added at the end of your first six month hosting plan, which means that you get seven months for the price of six.
The bonus month has no refund value should you cancel early.

You can purchase a domain for less than £8 pa.

Prestige Host can provide you with domain name suggestions and a visual, step-by-step guide to help you complete your purchase.

The domain is yours, and you will be responsible for the purchase and renewal fees.

Prestige Host offers an option to have an email address linked to your Pāges website. So, if you own, you can have, etc. A generous 100mb of mail storage is provided per email account.

Each email account costs £1.99 per month and will be invoiced in advance at £11.94 every six months.

Prestige Host websites are hosted in the UK on super-fast and reliable servers. A free SSL certificate (https) is included.

Most support is carried out via Facebook Messenger or email.
No calls centres to negotiate with. Only first class, personal support.

Prebooked calls to your landline or mobile can be arranged as required.

Scottish and English spoken 🙂

A full written quotation will be supplied with Terms of Service attached.

Your website is designed to the highest standards with performance and security features built in.
Prestige Host uses WordPress, the world’s #1 website platform.

Please ask for pricing should you require a bespoke design or additional features not specifically mentioned.

No problem. I have English clients too.

As a UK-based web design and hosting business, I can provide the same service whether you live in John O’Groats or Lands End.

You are only one Click away

To benefit from this amazing offer, or to ask any questions about Pāges, Pāge One, or Prestige Host, then simply drop me a line using any of the contact methods below.

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